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Krystle Delgado also known as Miss Krystle

Top Music Attorney


Delgado Entertainment Law, PLLC

Meet the one and only Top Music Attorney, the alias of the unstoppable Miss Krystle – an entertainment attorney, independent artist, record label owner, author, public speaker, and podcaster, with almost a decade of experience as a lawyer. In her dual role as a powerhouse lawyer and music virtuoso, Miss Krystle is on a mission to help music business hustlers like her, by teaching them how to think like major record labels and make six figures annually.

Beyond the courtroom, Miss Krystle’s music has been featured in TV/Film shows on Disney+, Hulu, and Primetime. Miss Krystle and her producer partner in crime, That Orko, have topped charts together, and continue to release music today. As a TEDx speaker, Miss Krystle passionately champion the cause of musicpreneurs, and through her social media marketing tactics, has gained over 500k on social media.

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